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Monday, October 27, 2008

Season's Greetings!

Hey there sexis!

ThinkSexi would like to wish everyone a wonderful & colourful Happy Deepavali!
Enjoy the sights, sounds & food (XD) during this festival of light.
Take care dears!

-- le sexi

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sexi Autumn. (Sold Out!)

Sexi neckline? Check!
Bold yet chic prints? Check!
Versatile? Check!
Ladies, we have a winner.

-- in Flowers & Vines (Sold Out)

-- comes with black satin sash & adjustable straps

-- under flash lighting

-- in Spotted Fever (Sold Out)

-- in Fall Breeze (Sold Out)

-- comes with brown satin sash

-- closeup of prints

Fits sizes (XS) to (M)
Length: 19.5 inch
Waist: 28-32 inch
Bust: 25-32 inch (stretchable)
*adjustable straps, inclusive of satin sash.

Colours: Flowers & Vines (Sold - R.S), Spotted Fever (Sold - D.A) & Fall Breeze (Sold - D.A)

Status: SOLD OUT!

It's yours for only; RM 33
Now only RM 28


Sexi Isabel. (Sold Out!)

Bring out your sexi senorita in this collared top.
Whether its paired with casual jeans or with a formal skirt, this baby is sure to earn you a second glance where ever you go.
Loving the cute flower shaped buttons, not to mention the pleats & slight hint of lace really accentuates and gives it a lil something extra.

-- in Black (Sold Out)

-- closeup of buttons & lace

-- in Red (Sold Out)

-- truest colour

-- smocked in the back for better fit

Sizes available: Black (S) & (M)
Red (S)
*size (S) fits the model just nice, size (M) is a little loose below the bust.

Colours: Black (S) (Sold - K.C) (M) (Sold - D.A) & Red (S) - (Sold - B.L)

Status: SOLD OUT!

It's yours for only; RM 31
Now only RM 25


Sexi Nikki. (Sold Out!)

We're so developing a fetish for floral prints & V-necked tops here at ThinkSexi.
Here we have a some-what kimono inspired one with a deep V-neck that just exudes sexiness.
Coupled with really cute capped sleeves & will you check out that sexi keyhole back already!

-- in Rainbow Jungle (Sold Out)

-- closeup of the capped sleeves / deep V-neck

-- front / back

-- in Monochrome Garden (Sold Out)

-- front / back

-- in Fiery Sky (Sold Out)

-- front / back

Fits sizes (XS) to (M)
Length: 23 inch
Waist: 26-30 inch
Bust: 28-34 inch
*can be worn on its own or with an inner tube top for the more conservative.

Colours: Rainbow Jungle (Reserved - Y.H) (Restock Sold - K.C), Monochrome Garden (Sold - C.K) & Fiery Sky (Sold - J.C)

Status: SOLD OUT!

It's yours for only; RM 34


*edited (08/10/08) -- We've been featured!
Special sexi shoutout to Diary of an E-Shopaholic for featuring Sexi Nikki.
Do click on their link in the sidebar for more great reviews!

-- le sexi.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Its ThinkSexi's first collection of bags & we couldn't be more excited! :)
We've got three different designs up for grabs & limited pieces so hurry & get yours today!

-- from top (Design A, Design 2 & Design III)

Design A - The Shopper Tote.

For those who love big sized bags & love to shop, this is the tote for you!
Versatile in design & function and in a colour that's easily matched with your outfit.
Also a great bag to use for college.

-- can be carried on the shoulder

-- can be carried as a sling bag as well
without flash / with flash lighting

-- the spacious interior with outer & inner compartments

Measurements: 12.5 x 17 inch
*comes with a detachable strap & inner lining.

Colours: Metallic Silver

Status: Available

It's yours for only; RM 53
Now only RM 40
(includes postage)


Design 2 - The Social Butterfly.

This bag is great to carry for parties or functions where you don't need to pack your whole house into it. :)
Also in a very conventional cream colour & versatile design due to the straps that come with it.

-- outer compartment

-- with the short strap

-- can be turned in to a sling bag with the longer strap

-- inner lining & compartment

Measurements: 15 x 9 inch
*comes with 2 detachable straps with 4 different length options & inner lining.

Colours: Cream (Pending)

Status: Available

It's yours for only; RM 47
Now only RM 38
(includes postage)


*edited (08/10/08) -- We've been spotted!
Special sexi shoutout to A Shopaholic's Den for featuring The Social Butterfly.
Do click on their link in the sidebar for more great reviews!

-- le sexi.

Design III - The Preppy Princess.

Make a statement carrying this one of a kind bag.
Accentuated by the pretty white bow, this baby is perfect for shopping, college, even for parties.
Accessorize it your way!

-- inner lining & compartments

Measurements: 14 x 9 inch
*comes with inner lining.

Colours: White

Status: Available

It's yours for only; RM 46
Now only RM 38
(includes postage)


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Compliments of the Season.

Hey there sexis!

ThinkSexi would like to wish our Muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya!
Happy holidays & have fun everyone!

-- le sexi